Vinyl Loop Matting

Outdoors: The Vinyl Loop Matting is the first line of defense for your facility. Our extremely dense, vinyl loop catches and traps dirt and moisture before it can get into the building. The attractive mat is durable, U.V. stable, and easy to clean. The mesh mat does not have a backing, allowing water to pass through and the mat to dry quickly.

Indoor Wet Areas: The Vinyl Mat is an excellent choice for aquatic areas, hot tub/therapy Spas, showers, bathrooms, entryways and anywhere a regular mat is used. Without backing, water can easily drain and the mat will dry quickly, keeping feet safer and drier.

Available in 20 colors and add a Custom Logo to brand your facility!

  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • U.V. Stabilized Vinyl
  • Scrapes and Removes Dirt and Water
  • Quick Drying and drainable
  • Attractive Safety Edging